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San Francisco Bay Area Therapeutic & Recreational Massage and Tantra Resources

Treating oneself to a relaxing massage or an afternoon in a spa is a form of self loving. Whether you're escaping from physical pain or the emotional one, the touch is your first comfort since birth, and understood across the ages & even species - as anyone who had ever petted a dog can attest :-).

In the Western world, touch is sadly lacking, as any kind of sensual experience and physical enjoyment (and a therapeutic massage is both healing and the delight to the senses as much as a sensual massage can be) is regarded with suspicion. Studies of the effect of touch on phisical and mental well being of people of all ages have repeatedly proven that an amount of touch is essential for our health. This is one of the reasons why a therapeutic massage, or even just an "amateur" backrub from a friend are healing both for body and soul.

Many other cultures don't make such distinctions between the physical & mental well being, between the medical and joyful properties of touch. Massage is a time honored art that is recently, happily, making itself known again in the West.

This web site is dedicated to the healing art of touch in all of its forms. You'll find links and information about all of the styles of massage in the San Francisco Bay Area and further afield, as well as the links to Tantra, a newcomer to our culture yet a respected tradition in the countries of Asia. If you are confused about the bounty of massage styles and Tantric variations and terms, we hope you'll be able to find more information here too.


What is Tantra? | Popular Massage Styles | Amateur Guide to Backrubs

Therapeutic versus Sensual Massage

Looking for an erotic massage?
*If you're looking for sensual massage, please do not insist on receiving it from your massage therapist.
This is uncomfortable, innapropriate, and it may constitute sexual harassment.
There are numerous people and places where you can enjoy a full body massage of erotic nature.
Here is a link to a San Francisco area Adult Entertainment Guide
which includes many sensual massage & sexual Tantra resources.